Ushiku Great Buddha, Japan Fo Guang Big Buddha, Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum Maitreya Buddha, Hsinchu
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About Us
Sheng Kuang Sculpture was founded in 1977, and has specialized in producing custom made sculptures and large bronze Buddha statues for more than 40 years. We are well equipped with modern workshops & equipment and staffed with a team of highly skilled craftsmen with rich experience in making Mega Buddha statues. The work of Sheng Kuang Sculpture combines traditional sculpting techniques and high-tech computer measurement, and we have always performed ‘in-house’ from sculpting, layout, copper casting to on-site assembly and installation. In order to create outstanding and excellent works, we focus on communication and trust with customers. From design to production, our accumulated professional and technical experience has won the affirmation and trust of customers around the world.
  1. Specializing in making large-scale Buddha statues
  2. Customized religious statues and Buddha statues of various sizes
  3. Customized human sculptures
  4. Customized landscape sculptures
  5. Sculpting, 3D scanning & maquette enlargement, layout, bronze casting, onsite assembly and installation
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No. 3, Lion 5th Road, Youth Industrial District, Taoyuan 326, Taiwan